Marvel Bramwell (marvel)

I began with Smugmug June 29th, 2013. I think it might even be longer since I began entering photos in 2002.

I feel responsible to contribute to the family history as we have lost most of our oral history as family have gone on to Heaven. I know they would want to be remembered.

The core of my website is around my primary families: the Amyxs and the Bramwells and their marriage partners, the Norlins-Smiths, and Fisks, who came to Pagosa Springs, Colorado, as early homesteaders, to make a way of life in the Wild West. And I have shared my life via photos. I have had a wonderful life which I owe to my precious parents, Floyd and Virginia Bramwell.


___________________AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH: MARVEL BRAMWELL_______________________

I was born and reared in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, a small mountain town located in the heart of the Rocky Mountain range. Prior to the 1800’s, the Ute and the Apache Indians used the valleys for summer living and grazing of livestock. At the site of the present town, there are open, hot mineral pools. The Utes named this site “Pagosa Springs,” meaning “health waters.” Following the miners and the Army, white settlers began homesteading the surrounding countryside. The first settlers were timber men, ranchers, some farmers, and other craftsmen and tradesmen. The women were all of the sort that could drive a team of horses, cut wood, ride horses like the wind and shoot straight. Within this group of first settlers were my grandparents and great-grandparents.
My parents worked on several ranches, including when Dad was foreman for the Red Ryder Ranch in the 1950s. Mom worked in the Welfare office and sub-taught at the local schools. Along with other jobs, they ran their own small ranch and had an outfitting and guide business. They ran both of these until their retirement at the ages of 75 and 73. They have had their horses in and were extras for such western movies as “Bite the Bullet” and “Silverado.” My parents gave us children responsibility and lots of love and praise.
During my youth, I worked on the ranch and with the family outfitting business as a wrangler and guide. Our family sport was rodeoing. I competed in the calf and steer riding, break-away roping and barrel-racing rodeo events. I participated in 4-H during my junior-high years. For high school I attended Sandia View Academy, a Christian school located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. During my rodeo days, I was selected for three separate rodeo queen titles and competed in the Miss Rodeo Colorado Contest - placing 5th. Recently I have been recognized in several Who’s who…” from 1989 to present, along with other special recognitions.
The rest of my life experiences can best be described around my nursing and social work education and work experiences and their locations. I am a registered nurse and a social worker. I hold two BS degrees, one in nursing and one in general studies/art, one MSW degree, and a graduate level Certificate in Alcohol and Drug Counseling. My first RN nursing position was at the former Monument Valley Mission Hospital located on the Navajo Reservation in southern Utah. One of my most exciting jobs was working in Barrow, Alaska for 3 ¼ years. There I worked for the old Public Health Service Hospital and the North Slope Borough Health and Social Services Agency. My major accomplishment while in Barrow was the assisted with the design and the coordination of building six new, high tech village health clinics above the Arctic Circle on the North Slope.
In summary, my life has been very happy and full of great adventures.